Letter To The Portfolio Committe


24 November 2020

Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee
Raymond Building
Eastern Cape Legislature

Attention: Honorable Mr. M Saziwa


Reference is made to the above mentioned matter with regards to the misconduct of Mr. Eddie Scheum of the department of education, Eastern Cape. “The report is attached for your easy reference marked DoE Reply A”.

  • We also understand that the late Honorable MEC of Education, Mr. Makupula refused to sign the reply concerned sighting unhappiness with the conduct of Mr. Eddie Scheum in so far as this matter is concerned.
  • It came to our attention as Eastern Cape Bonafides Forum recently that stands against corruption conducts occurring in all government spheres from the Provincial department, Metro Municipalities, District Municipalities, Local Municipalities and other government Entities. And upon became aware of this particular matter we raised it with Mr. Eddie Scheum who was not cooperative at all.
  • We have taken a decision to appeal to your good office by giving us clarity as to how far your committee has gone with this specific matter as we view it as a serious matter in the scope of eradicating corruption in our province.

We hope that you will respond to the writer in a manner that will get to the bottom of this and that you will find its conclusion as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

B.S. Nkola

Chairperson – Eastern Cape Bonafides Forum

CC: All Portfolio Committee Members

Click here to download “DoE Reply A”

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