Follow up to a statement issued by the Eastern Cape Office of the Premier to Media Houses



Follow to a statement issued by the Office of the Premier to Media Houses on th 10th of September 2020, we wish to respond as follows:

While we have no intention of entering into a dialogue with the Office of the Premier, we however see it fit that we clarify our position as the Eastern Cape Bonafides Forum. As clearly stated on our website, we are the sons and daughters of the Eastern Cape who are deeply concerned with the state of affairs in this beautiful province.

It is such a pity that the Eastern Cape Office of The Premier chose to reduce our concerns to a catfight with our fellow member and leader in the form of Mr. Nkola, however, our purpose for this letter is not to defend anyone, Mr. Nkola can if he sees it fit, defend himself from the statements uttered by the Office of the Premier, ours is to defend our province from the scourge of corruption that is gripping it to the core. We wish to reiterate the fact that the Eastern Cape Bonafides Forum is bigger than any one person, which is why any attempt to assassinate the character of any of our members will not silence the voices of the multitudes who have just had it with the corruption and the arrogance that goes with it.

Mentioned in the letter from the office of the Premier is an accusation that the claims are unfounded, which is why we took the time to put together the following documents to support our claim that something is not right.

Attached is the proof for our allegations as the Eastern Cape Bonafides Forum:

Public Service and Administration Report.

Apec Report in response to a Forensic Investigation into Allegations of Financial Mismanagement, Irregularities and Unorthodox Financial Practices in Projects at OR Tambo District Municipalities.

Affidavit by Mr Adgar Lonwabo Bam.

Deeds Search into Properties in the name of Mabuyane Lubabalo.

In our possession is also the Nelson Mandela Scandal Report on which we are seeking legal counsel by our attorneys on how the matter can be reenrolled in court for final determination.

Prudent Ludidi
Public Relations Manager

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  • Please do a thourough spell and grammar check before sending out.Your first word follow is supposed to be follow up.

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