Friday, 19 March 2021.

We call for the Premier of the Eastern Cape Dishonourable Oscar Mabuyane to vacate office with immediate effect in light of the revelations that he fraudulently registered for a Master’s degree in Public Administration with the University of Fort Hare.

It has come to our attention that the University of Fort Hare has taken the decision to deregister Mr Oscar Mabuyane as a Master’s student. This comes after an investigation conducted by the University of a scheme by corrupt politicians and academics to admit academically underserving individuals into academic programmes for exchange of money.

This conduct by the head of government in the Province is deplorable and disgusting. It sends a wrong message to the youth that one can use their position of power to manipulate processes in their favour. This comes after another scandal in the Provincial Government of plagiarism concerning policy documents which points to a culture of thuggery within Oscar Mabuyane’s Executive. The Eastern Cape has for years been considered as the face of corruption in the country and the conduct of the Premier reinforces this stereotype.

Mr Mabuyane had an opportunity to come out clean but chose to stick to his lies which have finally caught up with him. His behaviour is indicative of the eternal decay of morals within the former liberation movement in governance. We believe that such moral degenerates should be cut from society as they are poison that threatens to drag us to the gutter with their thuggish behaviour.

We therefore call for the Premier to do the honourable thing and fall on his sword for fraudulently registering for a course that he did not meet the minimum requirements for. His resignation will protect the integrity of the Provincial Government which has been limping from one scandal to another since it took office in 2019.

We further encourage the VC of University of Fort Hare Prof Buhlungu to continue to root out corruption in the institution which has produced the crème de la crème of leadership across various sectors in Africa. The University of Fort Hare remains our beacon of hope as Africans and should be protected from self-serving hyenas that wish to drag its good name to the gutter.


COMMISSAR YAZINI TETYANA (Provincial Chairperson) – 072 016 7467

COMMISSAR MLAMLI MAKHETHA (Provincial Secretary) – 078 136 0316

email : easterncapeeffighters@gmail.com
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Twitter : @official_EFF_EC
Instagram : @official_eff_ec

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