Addressing The Eastern Cape Health Department PPE Procurement Irregularities


07 October 2020
The Eastern Cape Department of Health
Dukumbana Building

Attention: The Honorable MEC, Ms Sindiswa Gomba

It has come to our attention that there has been an improper procurement of PPE’s (Bid No.: SCMU3-20/21-0042-HO) by the Provincial Department of Health, a process that has resulted in an unfair situation for our members. We hereby request for an urgent meeting with you to address the following:

  1. We have been shocked and dismayed to find that 359 SMME’s have been disqualified from the Bid for the simple reason in common that they did not submit the proof of address. We strongly condemn this action because all our members did submit the proof of residence.
  1. We have been informed by our members that the SIU has written a letter to the MEC for Health instructing her not to pursue any internal investigations regarding this matter and let the whole process of investigations to be done by the SIU. The same letter from the SIU is a pure marginalisation of the MEC for Health and the entire department
  1. We humbly appeal to your good office to put on hold all processes and payments in respect of the current PPE contract in question until this matter has been resolved.
  1. We request that all officials involved with the procurement processes pertaining to this PPE contract should be suspended for the smooth running of the current investigations by the department and others. The list is as follows: a. Ms Celelwa Mgijima;
    b. Ms Zanele Mnukwana;
    c. Mr Mlungisi Bhushula;
    d. Ms Busi Mtshawukana;
    e. Ms Anda Nkosi.
  1. At this juncture, we would like to request a copy of the Presidential Proclamation with regards to SIU in order to study it very well so that we can find a clause that takes away the Executive powers of you as a MEC and the Premier of this Province.
  1. Whilst they have been given powers by means of this proclamation by the President of the Republic of South Africa, it doesn’t stop you from doing administrative verification of the procurement processes and the effectiveness of delivery of the goods.
  1. It is also our intentions to lay criminal complaint or charges with Hawks against those who managed this process as mentioned above and take the instructions by SIU on review in a court of law because we hold a view that they have gone beyond their mandate maliciously. It has not gone away from our minds that their interest is to make money by delaying this investigation at all cost, we are saying that time has gone past, we have not seen anything wonderful about them either than to be money mongering at detriment of taxpayers money for their Cashflow survival.
  1. We, as the Eastern Cape Bonafides Forum, will leave no stone unturned to expose them even if we have to report them to both President of the Republic of South Africa and the Minister of Local Government who is responsible for Covid 19 disaster management.We look forward to a meeting with your good self to address these issues.

We look forward to a meeting with your good self to address these issues.

Kind Regards

Public Relations Manager

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