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Eastern Cape Bonafides Against Corruption is a group of sons and daughters of the Eastern Cape Province who have been moved and have responded to the negative publicity and the corruption allegations engulfing our dear province of late. We are a group of ordinary citizens of this province who are saying “Enough is Enough”

It is a Forum created to fight and prevent corruption, build integrity and raise awareness.#Sidiniwe ngohlohlesakhe, Phantsi ngamarhamncwa.

The Forum welcomes everyone who claims Eastern Cape as their home, wherever they may be throughout the country, irrespective of our political affilliations.

In the past, Eastern Cape has been a province that was growing steadily, with some mistakes here and there. What has raised alarm bells for us now is the bad publicity surrounding our very own leadership, the very ones in whose hands our province is entrusted to, and the manner in which we watched in utter dismay and disbelief the manner in which our leadership handled the management of Covid 19.

Sihlaba ikhwelo kwinzalelwane zeliphondo siphakame ngobuninzi bathu, sikhulule eli
phondo kumarhamncwa, if not for the many lives lost in the fight for our democracy, for the future of our kids.

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We will make use of this website to post and update information on planned events and to communicate and receive feedback on acts of corruption.

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There is nothing as powerful as Word of Mouth, so we urge our affiliates and supporters to spread the gospel — Eastern Cape together against corruption.

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There is a planned motorcade for the — of September 2020, all welcome to join. We will be departing from — in East London to Bhisho at __ h__

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Social Media has proven to be a cost effective enabler of letting known who we are and what we do across a diverse and vast audience

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We took the liberty to organise branded gear in the form of T-shirts, Doeks, Berrets, Caps, Flags and Pull-up Screens. We have had sponsors who paid for the first order of 100 of each of these, with the exception of the pull-up Screens, where we made only two. These have been distributed to each district through district Coordinators, but more can be made available at a cost where we will supply them at their cost price.